Your Piano Tuner


Hi! My name is Derek. I am a piano tuner/technician and would love to be YOUR piano tuner! I've been tuning for 16 years and I approach every piano I work on as if it were my own. I love to see the satisfaction of an owner whose piano has been brought back to its best condition.

A bit more about me...I've been involved with music in one way or another my whole life. I have a BS degree in Music Education from Weber State University and a Masters Degree in Music Education from Brigham Young University. I taught at the University level (Utah State University for 20 years as the Director of Student Productions) High School (Park City High School while living in Heber City) and Junior High School (currently director of Choirs and the Music Department at Legacy Junior High School in Layton Utah). On the side I am busy with music arranging, transcription and recording, as well as production of entertainment groups from time to time.  I have taught privately piano, guitar, and voice, and frequently travel to teach workshops or adjudicate music festivals. Feel free to contact me about any of these other services. I currently live in Kaysville with my wife Nancy, and we are blessed with 4 children and 6 grandkids.

About seventeen years ago, I trained and started tuning pianos as a "side job". As I interned with other professional tuners and technicians I soon began to realize how much I really enjoyed it! (Some people say that's a scary thought). But seriously, I love this instrument and I am fascinated by its complexities. As an Associate Member of the Piano Tuner's Guild and a registered Master Piano Technician (M.P.T.) with the Master Piano Technicians of America, I have trained with many great tuners and technicians and learned with some of the best. 


I would love the opportunity to tune and service your piano to keep it sounding its best. I look forward to becoming your regular piano tuner!

If you've endured reading this far, congratulations, and please feel free to call or text me at (801) 540-3144 or send me an email. You can also book directly online!



"Derek tuned my beautiful Samick piano and it sounds as good as it did the day I bought it! He also adjusted one of the pedals and fixed a squeak in the  bench."  Carri K., Farmington

"It sounds great. The pitch raise made a big difference--my daughter is actually excited to do her practicing again."  Kora S., Mt. Green

"Thank you for your excellent work on our piano!  My kids loved watching and I appreciate how you spent time with them and let them experience the process."   Avery L., Syracuse  

"My piano was given to me by my parents years ago but had been in storage all that time since we didn't have room in our apartment. Who knows how long before that when it was last tuned. Now that we are in a house we were finally able to move the piano in.  It was extremely dusty and sounded awful. I didn't know if there was any hope for it!  Derek inspected it thoroughly and determined that it had hope, it could be cleaned and that with proper maintenance it would still be a great instrument. He also recommended we have the white key covers replaced since they were badly chipped and discolored. We had him completely service and tune the piano and we are so pleased!  It looks and sounds wonderful! With all of the fuss he made over the piano we feel like it is indeed a special instrument and are happy that we are maintaining the legacy of our parent's piano! Thank you Derek!"  Anna G., Layton

"I had about given up on my piano. It is a beautiful Weber grand that I bought new a few years ago but I was unhappy with the feel of the way thekeys played. It seemed to feel so much heavier than I had remembered. When I played my daughter's piano I realized how much more I liked the feel of her piano. I asked Derek if he could lighten the touch of the action. After an assessment he determined the action was in need of regulating, something I had never even heard of. He carefully explained the process and assured me that this would improve the feel of the piano. Four days later I had my newly regulated action installed. I couldn't believe the difference! I was in love with my piano all over again! Every time I sit down to play it I can't believe the difference and that I had considered selling my beautiful piano! And my husband can't believe how much more time I spend playing it!  Thank you, Derek!"       Renee M., Centerville 

"Mr. Furch was prompt, polite, efficient, and knowledgable. I didn't realize my piano could sound so much better. I have asked him to make my piano a regular visit." Dixie A., Layton 

"Derek not only tuned my piano but he also did an excellent job fixing some broken keys. He also stopped a ringing noise that had been bothering me since we got the piano. I am very happy with his work." Robert G., Fruit Heights