Piano tuning... and other important services!




Prices listed do not include tax. Please note that travel outside of Davis county may require an additional mileage charge. 

  • Full Service Piano Tuning:  $130 This is recommended for a piano that hasn't been serviced recently and includes inspection and adjustments, minor repairs, and pitch raise as necessary.  (If a piano hasn't been tuned for a few years it will usually have dropped in pitch. In this case it will need a pitch raise before it can be effectively tuned.)   
  • Maintenance Tuning: $100 This is appropriate for pianos that see regular (usually annual) tunings.  
  • Repairs are billed at $60 per hour (minimum charge time of 1 hour) plus parts.   This includes various repairs (broken strings, keys, pedals, etc.) *Call me for costs relating to major repairs such as keytop replacements, regulation, hammer replacements, voicing, complete string set replacement, pin tightening, etc. These costs usually require a visual inspection as there can exist other hidden factors or needed repairs affecting their function.
  • Piano cleaning--Grand pianos $129, Upright pianos: $89; A thorough and professional interior and exterior cleaning  includes removing the action and completely cleaning the cavity, sound board and frame area, all action parts and keys. Recommended for every quality piano at least every five years!    
  • Inspection and informal appraisal:  $60 (usually done when evaluating a piano for purchase)  
  • Formal appraisal: $120 (for inheritance, insurance, etc.-includes a formal written evaluation & cost comparisons. Please note that piano values are more arbitrary than a used car. Call for more information)  
  • Pitch raising: Usually included in the cost of a full service tuning except in extreme circumstances. I'll bring the piano back up to concert pitch ("A 440") where it will sound its best and "match" other instruments and audio recordings! 
  • Regulating:  Cost varies from $250 - $500 depending on needs:  From minor adjustments to a complete re-setting of piano action parts to factory specifications, piano regulating is necessary in ALL pianos at some point to keep them sounding and playing their very best.  Cost may be even higher with pianos that are extremely worn.
  • Voicing:  Cost ranges from $95 to $200 depending on needs:  Changing or restoring the beauty of your piano's tone through a combination of hammer voicing (adjusting or reconditioning the hammer felts), piano action adjustments, and string leveling.  
  • Restoration:  Cost requires pre-inspection and estimate:  Reconditioning the piano to make it like new again.  
  • Accessories:  Piano covers, replacement parts (knobs, pedals, etc.) benches, pads, lamps, etc.  
  • Humidity Control:  Consultation, installation and service.
  • Other Parts and Accessories for your piano:  In need of lights, covers, benches, casters, knobs, anything else you can imagine for your piano? We'll find them!