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Piano tuning... and then some other important steps! Your piano may also require and benefit from... 


  • Pitch raising: Bringing the piano back up to concert pitch (A 440) where it will sound its best! (particularly if it hasn't been tuned for awhile)
  • Regulating:  From minor adjustments to a complete re-setting of piano action parts to factory specifications, piano regulating is necessary in ALL pianos at some point to keep them sounding and playing their very best.
  • Repairs:  Replace broken strings, keys, hammers, parts, fix benches, make adjustments, etc.
  • Voicing:  Changing or restoring the beauty of your piano's tone through a combination of hammer voicing (adjusting or reconditioning the hammer felts), piano action regulating, and string leveling.
  • Cleaning:  Thorough cleaning of piano and action parts--I guarantee you'll hear and feel the difference when you play!
  • Restoration:  Reconditioning the piano to make it like new again.
  • Evaluation & Appraisals:  Determining value, repair needs and related costs.
  • Accessories:  Piano covers, replacement parts (knobs, pedals, etc.) benches, pads, lamps, etc.
  • Humidity Control:  Consultation, installation and service.
  • Find Parts and Accessories for your piano:  In need of lights, covers, benches, casters, knobs, anything else you can imagine for your piano? We'll find them! 

"I had about given up on my piano. It is a beautiful Weber grand that I bought new a few years ago but I was unhappy with the feel of the way the keys played. It seemed to feel so much heavier than I had remembered. When I played my daughter's piano I realized how much more I liked the feel of her piano. I asked Derek if he could lighten the touch of the action. After an assessment he determined the action was in need of regulating, something I had never even heard of. He carefully explained the process and assured me that this would improve the feel of the piano. Four days later I had my newly regulated action installed. I couldn't believe the difference! I was in love with my piano all over again! Every time I sit down to play it I can't believe the difference and that I had considered selling my beautiful piano! And my husband can't believe how much more time I spend playing it!  Thank you, Derek!"       Renee M., Centerville

"Mr. Furch was prompt, polite, efficient, and knowledgable. I didn't realize my piano could sound so much better. I have asked him to make my piano a regular visit."
Dixie A., Layton

"Derek not only tuned my piano but he also did an excellent job fixing some broken keys. He also stopped a ringing noise that had been bothering me since we got the piano. I am very happy with his work."
Amy G., Fruit Heights

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